Snowmobile Arctic Expedition
«Northern Troopers»

5th of April. Two-day parking in 100 km from Gyda.


The site is most suitable for conducting exercises. Officers of the special unit conduct combat firing from special weapons with optical, night and thermal imaging sights. This expedition for us is interesting and informative in that we have the opportunity to observe the clear, harmonious work of professionals, and we participate in it. Photo and video are for business use only.
Six fighters are not the most frightening dimensions, two Heroes of Russia. They say quietly and calmly.

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Terrible tragedy…
Mourning …
Hug your loved ones and take care of yourself …

03 April. At 11.00 we leave on the return route.


Unfortunately, due to the low bandwidth of the local Internet, we do not have the opportunity to throw off photo and video materials, which we collected enough. During my stay in the village, I met with representatives of the administration, border guards and our countrymen. It was a surprise to learn that at one of Dixon’s enterprises, 25 war veterans (!) Have been working since recently. According to IA Arktika-Info ( The population of the village of Dixon on the Taimyr Peninsula will increase by 3 thousand people. The decision was made in the framework of the development of a large coal deposit on the peninsula. The Taimyr coal basin is one of the largest coal deposits on the planet. According to experts, coal reserves of various categories here are about 10 billion tons.

The capital of the Arctic


30th of March. 10.00. We left Sopochnaya Kargi. Closer to 21.00 we call in the village of Dixon.

“There is no cinema and mobile Internet, buses and coffee shops, supermarkets and advertising banners, there is not one person who does not see the polar night and the green shimmering of the northern lights, would not know what to do when meeting with a polar bear and during” “Dickson is the most northerly village in Russia, Dixon is commonly called the” edge of the world “: it is located in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, on the shores of the Yenisei Gulf of the Kara Sea – the outskirts of the Arctic Ocean.

March 29, 1965 – the birthday of Alexander Anatolievich Peterman


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The Arctic is impressive! It’s just not real Beauty !!!!!!!!!! I advise everyone to visit these places !!! 1000%. Roma Gigan


27 March. 21.00. 280 km have passed for the day. We must have time to cross the Yenisei to the icebreaker.


If we compare the rivers of Russia, the Yenisei is in second place by the area of the basin after the Ob. In length, it ranks fifth in the world after the Amazon, the Nile, the Yangtze and the Mississippi. The river on the map crosses our country from the south to the north: camels live in the upper reaches, and in the lower reaches you can meet polar bears and reindeers.

26 March. 230 km have passed. By lunchtime Antipayuta-Polar Venice arrived.

During flood periods, the streets of the village are flooded with rivers. At this time, residents get to the boats and to the store, and to work. During the Great Patriotic War, the life of the inhabitants of Antipayuta was difficult and tense. During this period, the Northern Fishery Plant was established in the village. In 1942, the first lights were lit on the streets of the village, a club appeared, in which films were shown. Radio communication was established, and in the village for the first time heard the voice of Moscow. The Nenets long could not believe what Moscow was talking to them about. In 1980, near the Antipayuta oil and gas condensate field was discovered.

Start day. The village of Tazovsky.


March 25. By 14.00 the team is ready. 13 people on 12 snowmobiles leave from the Tazovsky settlement in the direction of Antipayuta.

Tazovsky, is located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. The population of the Tazovsky region is 16.3 thousand people. Representatives of 36 nationalities live, the most numerous of which are the Nenets. A significant part of the indigenous people roam all year round with their numerous deer within the Gydan Peninsula. On the territory of the district there are 11 settlements, 5 administrative-territorial units. The vast expanses of the area contribute to reindeer herding. The livestock of deer is more than 120 thousand heads.



Metropolitan Paul addressed the assembled expedition members: “I would like to wish all the mercy and help of God, ask the Lord for blessing on your good mission, which will contribute to the development of our region.” I hope that with the help of the Queen of Heaven you will overcome your path safely and without loss and I would like to give you a copy of the icon of the Queen of Heaven “Otrada i Solovoshenie”, from the Vatopedi monastery of the Holy Mountain Athos attached to the prototype, to strengthen the forces. May God grant the Queen the heavenly blessing Vila your works! “